Print Design

Salmon Creek Journal

As web & layout manager for WSUV's 2020 SCJ, I designed the layout of the journal which showcases various contributor's literary and visual arts pieces.

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Parks For Clark:
A Digital Reimagining

This layout sample was taken from the style guide that was created for the Parks Foundation of Clark County. I was responsible for laying out all the various elements in the guide.

Millennial Monthly Magazine

Magazine spread of a fictitious magazine featuring images from a trip I made to New York City.

"Labels" Poster

This design was inspired by Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans (1962) and was intended to be a social/political commentary piece.

"Moulin Rouge" Poster

This poster was created for a design class and was inspired by the film Moulin Rouge.

Pacific Crest Cafe Menu

This menu was created for a fictitious cafe for a design class. Along with the layout of the menu, I also created a logo for the cafe as well.